Monday, May 10, 2010


Hi, ladies, is that day really special to you? Don’t ask me what day I am talking about, it’s the most important date on your calendar. Well if you still don’t know what day I’m referring to, I guess I’ll just say it – YOUR WEDDING DAY OF COURSE!!!!Well if it’s important to you, then you have to learn to start preparing your skin for that day, to avoid skin breakouts due to high stress levels, or climate change, or worse still one of those unexplainable reasons your skin gives for breaking out. Typically, I’d love to refer you to a dermatologist, well if you’ve got tons of money and time, and really horrible skin problems seek one out, you would get tested and you would get the help you need. For those of you who are cash smart, and don’t have a really peculiar skin rash that needs the doctor’s attention, and you want a simple Do It Yourself regimen, you’ve come to the right place. Become your skin’s greatest friend, so that it’ll stand by you on that day. Here you begin from 5-6 MONTHS TO THE D-DAY.

Firstly, your skin-care program should start this early, to give your skin time to adjust to the products that you’ll use, and to clear up whatever blemishes that you need cleared.

Use a good cleanser, not a harsh one (as you are trying to make your skin more radiating and not turn into scarface). Use this cleanser morning and night, wash your face with your normal bathing soap every time you come in from a sweaty day.

Exfoliate once or twice a week.

Moisturize your whole skin twice a day.

Drink more water, as it cleanses the insides and this reflects a great deal on the skin.

Drop the coffee, to avoid having stress lines around the eyes.

If you have to stay so long in the sun for any reason, be sure you’ve got your sunscreen on.

Have lip-balm on your lips, as the lip should not be left out during this period.

Please note that a lot of wedding gowns now, show off quite an amount of skin at the back, so don’t

leave your back out during your skin-care routine. Have fun doing this, and enjoy the results.


  1. This is so wonderful. I am not planning to get married anytime soon but i love the topic. Pls how can i follow ur blog.

  2. I have really dry skin, and its already 3 months to my wedding, can i still apply this stuff, and will it work?

  3. Hi, nice work, i'll spread d news

  4. Hi Adaobi, you can follow my blog just by clicking follow at the right side of the screen, then follow the instructions

  5. Hi, Uju, all hope isn't lost, you can start the routine now, just be sure to moisturize regularly

  6. Hi, your blog is cool,update more often though

  7. Please put up pictures of your work, i'd like to see what you can do.

  8. Put up more stuff on hair and hair styles

  9. hi love, my name is Blessing. my wedding is coming up in december dis year, wot can u offer me, as in wot kind of services can u give me, i want a little of everything u do abt wedding, i will be expecting to hear frm u soon. i live n work in abuja.
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