Saturday, June 19, 2010


Have you ever thought of what to do to spice up that really annoying gown, or even tried to look different with the same outfit? Check out Kimora Simmons lookin very chic on the run way in a blue gown, and just beside her in that pic is another lady who decided to try on a more carefree look on the same gown just by changing accessories.
With the right accesories, you can feel at home in any outfit. I believe that the fact that you bought an outfit for a million bucks, still doesn't make it yours till you accessorize RIGHTLY (note the emphasis on the rightly pls). A red gown doesn't neccessarily mean red accessories, neither does a blue one, a green one or any other coloured gown. Don't be a walking piece of crayola.Don't wear one shade of a colour from head to toe, and risk looking like a parade mascott.

Try accesories, that accentuate the outfit, and make you look more than a million bucks.

Accesorize to suit the occasion, Blinks for the red carpet, colours to the beach, fun n feminine to the party, just don't get your accessories mixed up. That'll be a fashion mishap.
Be it the beach, the red carpet, a party or the house next door look the best for the part. Please note that the pics here are just guidelines and not rules. Look at them and get ideas and hints, then let your innovations do the rest.

You can ask me to show you pictures of any look you want, or wardrobe advice and i'll be too glad to help.

Be you, be girly, let it show in your outfits.


  1. I am so impressed by your wealth of knowledge in fashion & style. I have to show this to my girlfriend. She will definitely have a lot to learn from ur blog. This is truly beauty beyond measure. Good job, keep it up.

  2. Nice outfits, you really sound like you know your stuff

  3. I really can't believe that That gown in d pic is same as Kimora's own, accessories dey try oh

  4. Jeez, i like this, it's so true

  5. Please do a post on wedding gowns

  6. Lisa and i are still waiting for the post on wedding gowns. Pls, is the blog a monthly thing bcos i want to follow it up.

  7. Hi, i'll still do something on bridals soon, but in the meantime, you can follow this blog by clicking on the "follow" link at the left side of this page. It's really not just monthly, i update as often as i'm inspired to.