Monday, January 31, 2011


Are you wondering why your face is breaking out? Or why it suddenly it seems like acne, pimples,( and some other stuff which you probably don’t even know their names yet) are having fun on your face? Are you also wondering why your face is itchy most times?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you should leave whatever you are doing and read this article line by line. Here it goes:
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The basic reason why ladies may experience any of the above, is because a lot of ladies go to bed with layers and layers of makeup on. Some times when ladies experience skin breakouts or acne, they blame it on the makeup products they’ve been using. Sometimes they may be right, but other times, it could be that they are using the wrong methods to takeoff the makeup. I’ll share a few tips which from experience, have worked for me, or people whom I have advised to use them.

Apply olive oil to the areas around eye with the help of cotton ball as it is an excellent natural way to remove eye makeup and to condition the lashes. Remove excess oil with warm and damp washcloth.

Another natural way of removing make up is by applying milk or plain yogurt to face with a cotton ball. Rinse it with lukewarm water after few minutes your skin is fresh and without any impurities.
The use of a cleanser is also a very effective way, choose your cleanser based on your skin-type, a cleansing oil would be suitable for super dry skin. After using a cleanse, rinse the cleanser with warm water and a soft cotton towel.
For oilier skin, use a foaming cleanser instead of the oily one.

If you are wondering if you must take off your makeup before you sleep, the answer is YES. For eye makeup, you can use an eye makeup remover (clinique has got one). Don’t forget to wash into the hairline and jawline. Please note that you don’t scrub your face hard, you rub, to prevent bruising. Warm water rinsing is advisable after cleansing to remove the remnants of the cleanser and makeup. After doing this, you can apply a small quantity of moisturizer to avoid excessive dryness.
Try out any of these steps and give me a feedback. I can’t wait to hear the results. Ciao

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