Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's the harmattan season, and your skin feels soooo dry, don't despair, here are a couple of things you can use to maintain that soft supple skin you desire.
Please note that these are general remedies, and they've been tested and tried (on yours truly), and they work.

Firstly, facial cleansers with alchohol and astringents have got to go, as they'll only dry up your skin even more. Use mild cleansers with a pH value of 0 - 5. For more info please keep reading...

Secondly, moisturise the face after using a facial cleanser, no matter your skin type (oily or dry), this also applies to the rest of your body. Moisturise every part of your body, including the sole of your feet.

Thirdly, use mild bath soaps, as the harsh soaps rob your skin of it's natural oil.

In all this, your lip, shouldn't be left out, as it's also affected during the harmattan. the use of a lip-gloss or balm before going to bed, and before applying a lipstick is very necessary.

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  1. very true, the only thing more annoying than the harmatan itself is crappy dry skin... On Point!