Thursday, June 21, 2012


I probably won't rest till i've done a post on this style of shoes that i've fallen in love with (no kidding). I'm talking about PLATFORMS. they come in every colour, and size. they look elegant, stylish, chic and yet guess what? THEY ARE COMFORTABLE TOO!

Pls keep reading...

Now let's look at the advantages PLATFORMS have over the regular HIGH-HEELed shoes
1. Platforms are not only high-heeled, but they are also thick-soled, this ensures STABILITY.
2. They are heeled at the toe-end, and the heel-end of your feet, so the arch of your feet isn;t at an uncomfortable angle, when your standing in them. this ensures COMFORT.
3. They are higher than regular heels, yet your feet ISN'T SORE.

To sum it all, they are suitable for plus-size women, as the thick sole can support more weight than regular heels, and with platforms, your feet aren't wobbly.

Less talk, and more pictures, take a look at the pics, and go buy yours now


  1. this post is funny, i never looked at it this way. thanks anyway. i've got a couple in my closet

  2. That's Really nice dear, the shoes are really comfy