Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey divas, i wanted to put up a post about things we dont do or take for granted, that hurt our face. this post isn't about buying expensive makeup products, it's about the basics. Please read on, and include these tips in your daily beauty routine, and give me feedback on how it's worked for you.

* SLEEPING WITH MAKEUP? BAD IDEA! Makeup left on overnight, clogs your pores, and congests your skin. I learnt to wash my face twice at the end of the day. The first wash i do is with a fluffy face-towel, my soap and warm water, to take off the makeup thoroughly (dont scrub, just rub gently over your face). the second wash is to wash my skin, and i use my facial scrub. Doing this leaves your pores unclogged and your face feeling fresh.

* FRESH-FRUITS AND WATER: I've tried this and it works. i went on a fresh-fruit diet for a month, and my skin was glowing that month. Your face needs vitamins too stay fresh, and i dont believe in popping pills to look good, so if you include fresh fruits into your diet, you give your skin the vitamins it needs to stay fresh. Warm water and lime in the morning is also very good, cos it de-congests and cleanses your system

Try these for a month or more to see results


  1. Thanx Minimee, try this on and tell me how it worked, cos i know it will