Saturday, July 28, 2012


I know i've done a couple of posts on bright coloured lips, but i decided to do a post on how to wear the red lips. Red lips are a classic, they never go out of season. I'll be showing you 6 tested and proven ways to wear them, so pls keep reading:

1. Dark and Smoky: The red lipstick can be worn with the smoky eye effect. This look is really edgy and fun. It can be created with black mascara, black n grey eyeshadow, and a black liquid eyeliner. The red lipstick here should be a deep shade of red, for more drama.

2.  Nude eyes: This look is classic, and requires little or no effort. It requires no eye makeup. Simply use your foundation and powder, and wear your bright red lipstick, and your ready to go.

3.  Lash n Lips: Just like the name sounds, after the regular face prepping with your foundation and powder. Use a well defined mascara to accentuate your lashes, and your fave red lipstick on your lips, and BANG!!! you're ready to go.

4.  Liner and brows: This look entails heavy black liquid eyeliner, a well groomed and penciled pair of eyebrows, and very light mascara. This look is very sexy and feminine.

5.  Blushing it up: Like the name implies, all this look needs is the perfect pale pink blush colour to your cheeks, and bright red lipstick. This look is very flirty yet innocent.

6. Neutral Eyes: This entails using beige and brown eye shadows, and a black liquid eyeliner that should be used lightly. This look is mature and though its a full makeup routine, the neutral eye colours give the eyes a bare yet madeup look.


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