Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello divas, let's talk BLACK LACE, shall we? I just fell in love with it, i got this gown that made me love it even more. Please note that it's trashy to wear lace without anything underneath, and i believe that TRASHY ISN'T SEXY. You shouldn't bare it all, a hint would be just fine. If you want to wear it as a pair of leggings, (a cute mini-gown and a top that will cover your butt n panties comfortably without you stretching it out of shape) would go perfectly with it. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. Well i'll be putting up pics, showing you how to wear this look. Whether as a gown or a top, this look totally rocks. please try it on and tell me what you think....


  1. I like ur post. Short and straight to d point. I jst got dis lovely shorts and u ve given me some idea on hw to put it together. Thanks.

  2. Hello dear. i'm sooooo glad i could help, i'm pretty sure u'll rock this look. You can follow my blog by clicking "Follow My Blog" link on the Right Side of the screen. you can also send a pic of the ensemble, when you've put it together. ciao