Monday, July 16, 2012


Hi gurlies, i decided to do this post cos it's one thing that has bothered me with my brazillian hair weave-ons. I would have done a video on it, but i haven't started uploading videos yet.
I called this post "DIY" because this is something i do by myself. When i coil my hair, it can stay for as long as 3 days without straightening out. So this is me sharing yet another secret with you. Pls read on, and enjoy:

1.  Pack up the front part of your hair, from the top, and let the ones below hang freely.
2.  Pick a lock from the one below, apply a bit of leave-in conditioner (preferably the lotion-like ones) to it.
3.  Use a curling wand to coil that lock, hold it on for awhile, then release it, and roll the same lock with flexi-rods (popularly known as bendy rollers).
4.  Do this to different locks, one after the other.
5.  The top part of your hair should be coiled with just the curling wand and conditioner.
6.  The flexi-rods can be removed in about 30mins to one hour.
Well, thatt's all for now, pls try this out and give me feedbacks. If you try this and the coils are tinier and not bouncy, then pick bigger locks of hair at a time.

Thanks gurlies


  1. this works, U rock, altho' i'm looking forward to a video from you

  2. thanks dearie, my videos r coming soon