Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Prints have caught my eyes this time, so i'll be sharing my findings with you. I think they are catchy, and they look like fun, but most of all, they are very easy to accessorize. Whether it's the maxi-gown, d cropped mini, floral prints, ankara prints, beach gowns, name it, you would always look really stunning in prints.

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Prints can be accessorized differently, but i love it when its paired with a sharp coloured bag, or shoe or belt. But basically there are no hard and fast rules, except that i usually advice, JUST ONE PRINT AT A TIME. I won't be caught in, print bag, shoe, gown, pants, blouse, hair piece, jewelry, and whatever accessories.Also dont pair zebra prints with tiger skins or something like that. you'll look like a JUNGLE FIGHT.
Well, you could take cues from celebs who've rocked the look, and i'll be putting up pix to show you how.

That's it for now, try it out and tell me how u totally ROCKED it.


  1. i like the ankara part, nice

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