Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've always wanted to do a post on makeup must-haves, it's simply a list of things you should have on, or you should at least have them in your purse, before you step out of your house on a REGULAR DAY. I know this list varies according to weather, skin-type and a couple of other factors, so i'll just list the basics, and if you want specifics, you can ask your questions in the comment section and i'll be sure to answer them for you.

#1: Concealer: This is most necessary for ladies with spots, dark patches or dark under-eye circles. i fall into this category, cos i have really dark under-eyes, so i use my concealer to hide them.

#2: Foundation: This gives your face a spotless, and flawless look. I always advice that if you don't have very unevenly pigmented skin, then you don't need to go too heavy on the foundation, so that you don't have a "mask" face at the end of your makeup application.

#3: Powder: I always use a powder after my foundation, because it finishes the face makeup routine perfectly.

#4: Eye Liner: This makes your eyes pop, with or without using the eyeshadow. I love to use eyeshadow, but it can be done without, if you have to go to somewhere less dressy, like a shop closeby, or to a friend's house.

#5: Mascara: I love to pair my eye-liner with my mascara especially when i haven't used any eye-shadow. This gives your lashes an illusion of length, and makes your eyes sexier.

#6: Brow Pencil: This helps to give your brows a perfect arch, after they have been plucked or groomed. I simply shade lightly on the places with less concentration of hair, and i'm good to go.

#7: Lip-gloss: I always advice having a collection of lip-glosses, whether deep, bright, pale or transparent. This is a major makeup must-have, as it makes the lips softer, and protects it from cracking.

PS: Eyeshadows, lipsticks, primers, bronzers, blush, cheek mousse, and alot of other makeup are very necessary, but i decided to do the basic stuff, things that every girl can use without advanced skill in makeup artistry. These are a list of BASIC make-up items, that you should always have with you. Thanks for reading through.


  1. i really like your post. you make looking good seem so simple.

  2. interesting piece. i have big problem figuring out how to apply eye shadow cos i am very dark skin and every colour i try seems to stand out.

  3. @Amaka, Thanks dearie. Looking good actually is very simple. You can follow this blog by clicking the "follow my blog" sign and the Right Side of the screen, for more tips and updates.

  4. @Lisa, Thank you very much for visiting my page. Eyeshadow can be very tricky when it comes to getting the one for your skin colour. Any colour can be used, depending on the occasion (bridal, costume, carnival, fashion show, regular day, runway...) and skill, and provided you use the right shade. But i'll ask you to start with more neutral colours, shades of brown, so that you can get comfortable with them, before you start with the brighter colours. Use a primer before you start, to get an opaque base. Try this, and tell me how it worked. You can follow this blog by clicking the "follow my blog" sign and the Right Side of the screen, for more tips and updates.

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