Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hello divas, it's been awhile, kinda missed you guys. I went shopping very recently, and i noticed the shops had a lot of chiffon outfits. I fell in love with a gown and i bought it, but when i got home, i noticed my little bro staring at the gown and wondering why it was so light. I tried explainig that it was chiffon, but i guess he didnt get it, and so i decided to do a post on my blog about it, especially for the girls that fall into this category. So i guess i could say this post was inspired by my bro. (yayy him)

Chiffon is a really light, sheer fabric, it's very feminine and can be worn on different occasions depending on the style and colour. Right now, girls wear it to the office, the movies, dinner-dates and wherever else they want to, cos its very comfortable and rarely fades. While mine was a gown (which i'm sooooooo in love with btw), i have decided to show pics of different chiffon outfits, so you can have an idea of what i've been talking about. Sit back, view the pics, and make up your mind about what chiffon outfit you'll be adding to your wardrobe.


  1. hi,

    Was going thur my mums old clothes and i found this lovely black flowing chiffon skirt and i'm thinking of wat i could wear with it. Pls dont say white top cos i'm tired of white n black combination.


  2. kk hun, first of all, d fact that it's black makes it easy to do a combo with any other colour, plain or floral. It would be alot easier for me to tell you what it'll go with, if i had a picture of it. you can mail me a pic of it at But on a general note, you can pair it with another chiffon top, preferably one with a bright colour like red, pink, purple etc. This will keep it looking trendy. make sure the top you're pairing it with is small, chic, and abit fitted (but not tight). Please note that this is a very general answer, and a picture sent to the email address ( will help me give better and more specific fashion advice. Thanks hun, pls follow my blog by clicking on the "FOLLOW" sign showing by the side of your screen

  3. well i must confess this is so cool. i need a total bright lips colors how do i that?