Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi gurliez, its me again, i decided to do this post because i was asked how i wash my brush set, since i use it on so many people, well i decided to put up a post on how i do it. I'm doing this to put people's minds at rest and also to teach anyone who's interested how i do mine. We all know that make-up brushes can become coated with product residue, germs from people's faces, bacteria, dead skin, etc. So it's essential and mandatory that the brushes are washed at least once a week depending on how often they are used, whether it's for personal use, or professional use. I wipe mine with baby wipes after each use, and i wash them once a week. I'll be taking you through how i wash my brush set. please keep reading:

1.   Lukewarm water
2.   Sink
3.   Regular bathing soap (without any harsh ingredients)
4.   Clean, dry towel
5.   Olive oil
To know how I did it, please keep reading...


I turned on the tap at the sink, checked the temperature with my fingers, to be sure it was lukewarm. I picked the first brush and wet ONLY the bristles. (you have to be careful not to wet the whole brush, so that the water doesn't melt the glue, and cause your bristles to fall out).

Next I held the soap in one hand, and rubbed the bristles on the soap bar, making sure it got very soapy, then i twirled the bristles on my palm and rubbed them with my fingers to make sure all the makeup washed off. then i rinsed the BRISTLES (ONLY) thoroughly under running water, i repeated this procedure until i was sure all the product had been washed out, then i lay the brush flat on the towel to dry.

For my concealer brush, and my liquid-liner brush, i poured very little oil on my palm, and rubbed the bristles on it, to loosen up the congealed product residue, then i washed them how i washed the others, with the soap, and also placed to dry on the towel. Below is a picture of how i spread them to dry. I hope this post has been helpful. try it out and please drop your comments.


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