Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hi gurlies, it's been awhile, and i've missed you all. i've been a wee bit busy, but i'm back again. i decided to do a post on a couple of shoes i've had in my closet for awhile now. They are comfy, flat and chic and they've served me for the period of time that i've had them. Comfortable n Fashionable sounds like a LIE, right? Well it's not!!!!!

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It's true that heels are very fashionable and in vogue, but flat shoes are always in style. they never go out, they are trendy, comfortable, and easy to slip on n off. Well, less talk, more pix. i'll be showing a couple of random flats.

Alright, here are the pix. I hope i can convince you enough to go and get yours, cos i'm having a blast with mine. Have fun.... Ciao!


  1. The one in pink is making sense. I wish I can get such

  2. You can, check out Jumia, i fink the ad's on my page