Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It's a new and exciting, life altering decision you're making. Just before we start, there are a list of things I'd love you to purchase, and a couple of things you'll do. These are:

1.    Weighing Scale
2.    Jogging/walking shoes
3.    Workout clothes
4.    Tape rule
5.    An iPod/Walkman/music phone and earpiece/headset
6.    Firm and Comfy bra (for females)
7.    Pair of stockings

I'll need you to check your weight and height with the scale and tape rule respectively. You can inbox the info to me on my Facebook page or in the comment box beneath this post, I need this so that I can calculate your Body Mass Index and ideal weight range. This will help tell me if you're just okay, underweight, obese or overweight. If you need to lose weight, and how much weight you need to lose would depend on the info I get from the BMI calculation. The time frame you want to use to lose weight should also be part of the info you'll send to me, and how many times a day you are gonna devote to working out.
Please note that if you have any prior health issues or you just had a baby, meet your doctor for medical clearance
Please start sending the info as soon as you read this post so that we can start our workout and diet routines. Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.


  1. Nice bubu,will surely send in,but I don't mind posting it here too,or what do u think,I mean my weight n height

  2. Yea yea dear u can post it ere too. I don't mind us getting started ASAP

  3. I weigh 115 kg and I'm 5ft 6 inches

  4. Hi Bubu, what's your facebook profile name please?

  5. I just Inboxed her, "chibuzo Unachukwu" is her fb name. Bubu I can't believe it, ur sooooo slim. What's the secret

  6. hi Anonymous, your ideal weight range is between 52kg and 70.3kg. i need you to think over it and tell me what you want your final weight to be, and how many hours a day you are ready to devote to working out so that we'll start with a weekly diet and workout schedule. can't wait to hear from you.

  7. Hi Dear, my weight as at today is 80 and my height is 5.2". however, i am ready to work out everyday, although i would be able to do more workout during weekends because of my work. Also i can be on any diet as long as i would loose weight.
    based on this i would want my final weight to be 59kg- 60kg and i would like to loose 20kg.
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  8. hi dear, thanx for the info. i'll recommend that for the first one week of our routine, that u walk for an hour a day for the first four days, you can split it into 30 mins twice a day if you wish. brisk and fast rhythmic walks. use fast music to give yourself a pace and try not to slow down. this is actually to get your heart and body ready for the second week's exercise. this is the preparatory week. Don't run or jog yet.let ur body start getting used to the idea of exercising. for the last 3days of the week, make it a 40min walk twice a day. be sure to check your weight at the beginning of the week an at the end of the week too.
    Concerning the diet, we would do a cleansing fruit and water diet for the first two days to rid your body of toxins. The fruit and water diet as the name implies, requires you to take in ONLY water and fruits for the first 2 days. it entails you drinking 40cl of water immediately you wake up, after which you go for your early morning walk, walking would make you thirsty, which means you'll drink more water after the exercise.
    your breakfast, lunch and dinner would consist of fruits worth 450 calories for breakfast, 450 calories for lunch, and 300 calories for dinner (a total of 1200cals) this is the tricky part. i'll need you to tell me what fruits you like the most and you have access to, the ones you can get with ease and i'll use them to make a 2-day diet plan for you. pls reply asap.

  9. Thank you so much the quick response. the fruit i love the most is apple. looking forward to getting the diet plan

  10. Wow, i love apples too.
    There are:
    53-55 calories in 1 small apple with peel (2½ diameter)
    77-81 calories in 1 medium apple with peel (2¾ diameter)
    110-118 calories in 1 large apple with peel (3¼ diameter)

    There are:
    45 calories in a small orange
    62 calories in a medium orange
    86 calories in a large orange

    There are:
    72 calories in 1 extra small size banana (less than 6 inches long)
    90 calories in 1 small banana (6 inch)
    105 calories in 1 average banana (7 inch)
    125 calories in 1 medium to large banana (8 to 9 inch)
    135 calories in 1 very large ripened banana (over 9 inch)

    There are:
    10 calories in each ounce or 28g of raw baby carrot
    12 calories in each ounce or 28g of raw mature carrot
    25 calories in 1 medium size raw carrot ( 2.2 oz)

    There are:
    448-452 calories in 1 whole pineapple (32 ounces or 905g)

    1355 in one whole watermelon (15" long x 7½" diameter)

    Because you like apples, i'm going to make it a large part of your diet.

    3 medium sized apples, 2 medium sized oranges and 1 small banana and a glass of water

    Mid morning snack
    2 medium sized carrots and a glass of water

    Total calories: Approximately 450 Calories

    Divide a 32 ounce or 905g pineapple into 3 parts, each part should contain about 150 Cals, eat one part, and refrigerate the rest, combine this with 2 large apples and a glass of water

    Mid-Noon snack
    1 medium sized apple

    Total Noon Calories = 450 calories

    Divide a water melon (similar in specification to the above mentioned one) into 5 parts, eat one part and refrigerate the rest, eat one carrot and drink a glass of water

    Total Calories = approx. 300 Cals

    Please note that the calorie values of these fruits aren't exact, they are approximates and they differ by species and sizes.
    any further questions or comments are welcomed

  11. Thank you so much... this therapy, i would only do it for 2 days right

  12. Hi bubu, I weight 62kg nd am 5feet 8inches and I wud love to loose 2kg

  13. Sorry I meant weigh

  14. Hi Anonymous, Losing 2kg isnt a big deal at all, just follow the weight-loss tips on my blog and you'll be 2kg lighter in no time

  15. hello, my name's Linda. am 95kg, 5ft8" wud like to lose btw 25-30kg in 3 mnths. i hrdly eva exercise bt cud take long walks in d morning/evenings as commitment to d prog.

    1. Hi Linda, your ideal weight range is between 55.2kg and 74.6kg. If you say you'll only take long walks in the morning and in the evening as the only exercise routines you'll do, then i can assure you that you won't lose 25-30kg in 3months. The walks are simply preparatory exercises to ease your body into the tedious work ahead. I need you to actually make up your mind on how many hours you'll devote to exercise each day, and assure me that you'll actually follow all the routines to the end and then we can come up with a routine for you. Losing weight is actually difficult but i assure you that it's possible.

  16. hy bubu my name is ada.. I weigh 100kg, m 5'10.. I wana lose 40 kg in 3mths or less.. Iym in school and i dnt want anything to interfere wf ma studies.. I'd be glad to recieve tips from you.. Thnx..

    1. Hello Ada, thanks for visiting my blog, and i'll appreciate it if you follow me by clicking the "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" button on the right side of the screen. Your ideal weight range is between 58.5kg and 79kg. you said you want to lose 40kg in 3months. Well, i'm going to start by saying it won't be healthy and you wouldn't enjoy it at all. i lost 46kg in roughly 6months, and the most amount of weight that i lost in a month was 10kg. I literally busted my ass off (pardon my language), but it's the truth, i won't say it's impossible, but i'll simply say you can't do it alongside your studies, cos it would take alot from you. However if you want to lose 40kg, and dpo it conveniently, i'll recommend that you start with little and ease yourself into it, thereby making the diet and workout a part of your life. That way, you'll enjoy it like i now do. Just incase i'm away from my blog, cos i think i may be for a period of 4-5days, you can send me fbk messagea and i'll be sure to reply them. My fbk name is Chibuzo Unachukwu. Looking forward to hearing from you

  17. Hi Chibuzo. 1st of all Let me congratulate u on such an amazing weight loss. U havent lost weight, u have gotten rid of it coz I'm sure u don't ever wanna find it.
    Pls I need help!!! I'm 110kg and 5ft 9" and I really need to slim down. I wear an 18-20 at the mo and I really wanna drop 2 dress sizes in about 2 months. What do I do dear, I'm ready to work as hard as possible.