Monday, April 29, 2013


Hi everyone, this is the final day of the "2KG A WEEK" programme, i'll love to hear from those of you who tried it out. i did, and i actually lost 2kg. You can tell me about it in this comment box, or in the comment box of the "2KG A WEEK" post.
I'll be running a ONE-WEEK "FREE VOICE CONSULTATION" for "FOLLOWERS ONLY", It's a way you can ask me any question, and i can offer specific guidance on fashion, health, fitness and weight-loss. I'll be very glad to help out in anyway i can.
To qualify for this FREE consultation, all you need to do is FOLLOW THIS BLOG by clicking the "JOIN THIS SITE" under the FOLLOW THIS BLOG heading showing at the right side of your screen, and also CLICKING THE "LIKE" BUTTON on our facebook page.
Our facebook link is

As soon as you become a follower of this blog, and you have "liked" our facebook page, send a facebook message to our page, and the phone number will be sent to you ASAP.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hi dear, tnx so much for the help... you have been more than helpful. love u lots...

  2. hi Ify, its been awhile, how's the weight-los programme going