Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hi divaz, this post is long overdue, it's one fashion trend that's been on for awhile now. Dramatic necklaces, chunky neck-pieces and so on, are the terms people have used to describe this piece of accessory. I know you know what i'm referring to by now, and if u don't, you can be sure i'll put up pictures.
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If your outfit is turtle-necked then you can use long neck-pieces to add glam to the front of the outfit.

A corset would go well with glam neckpieces, and you can go all out cos the corset or tube dress would give enough space to experiment with your neck-piece. Let's take our cuefrom these celebs below

Sometimes we want to go casual and still have the chunky neckpieces to glam up the outfit.

Here are other pictures of neck accessories you may want to see and try out. Whether its the choker (like Kim K), droopy necklaces, the boob-liner (like Heidi Klum) or anyway you wanna glam it up.


  1. Hello. I wish I cud find unique pieces like dez esp d chunky ones. Do u have any suggestions?

  2. hi dear, i actually wore one today, i'l edit this post and add the pic to it, so u can see mine. if u like it, then i think i can refer you to wear you can get yours

    1. Yeah, dis is equally nice. I suppose whr u gt dis dey'll also have chunkier ones? Pls do refer. I am so excited abt dis blog can't take ma eyes of it. Your transformation is inspirin!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I will gt my info across so I can start asap

    2. Hi dearie, i got these from a friend, but you can get stuff like this in Lagos, Nigeria. i know that shoprite has some too