Monday, April 22, 2013


Hi everyone, we are going to work on losing 2kg this week, i'll be doing this with you (i binged alot on the weekend, and i want to shed the weight too). please note that you should have done the Preparatory diet, it's on my blog too, you can go through it. We'll begin on Tuesday morning. We'll check our weight on Tuesday Morning, and input it in the comments section, and we'll also check our weights on Monday next week which will be the last day of this 2kg a week programme.. If you are prepared to do this with me, i'll like you to drop your comments in the comment section and drop your weight too. Please Note that the exercises that will come with this routine are compulsory to achieve the weight loss.

We'll be going on our 1200 calories a day fruit diet, 30 squats a day, and jogging for 40mins everyday too. I'll be doing 1000skips also, but if you are a beginner with the skipping rope, i'll advice that you stick to doing 200skips thrice a day during this period.

Eat 400calories in the morning, 400calories in the afternoon and 300calories before 7:30pm at least.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Don't forget to follow this blog and "like" our facebook page. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ciao


  1. Nice 1 dear nd I'll like to b part of dis but ow do yu knw d amt of calories in a fruit?

  2. Hi Koko, you can tell me the kind of fruits and i'll tell you the approximate number of calories it carries. Pls note that the values of calories i'll be given aren't exact, they are approximate values. I'll be expecting your reply soonest. Be sure to follow us ere and like our facebook page. Thanks

  3. Hi bubzille classics,will lyk 2 workout buh '♍ so lazy

  4. Ok buzor,talking about Apple,mango,water melon,orange nd banana nd y dnt yu wanna reply me on fb

  5. Hi Koko,
    There are:
    53-55 calories in 1 small apple with peel (2½ diameter)
    77-81 calories in 1 medium apple with peel (2¾ diameter)
    110-118 calories in 1 large apple with peel (3¼ diameter)

    There are:
    45 calories in a small orange
    62 calories in a medium orange
    86 calories in a large orange

    There are:
    72 calories in 1 extra small size banana (less than 6 inches long)
    90 calories in 1 small banana (6 inch)
    105 calories in 1 average banana (7 inch)
    125 calories in 1 medium to large banana (8 to 9 inch)
    135 calories in 1 very large ripened banana (over 9 inch)

    There are:
    10 calories in each ounce or 28g of raw baby carrot
    12 calories in each ounce or 28g of raw mature carrot
    25 calories in 1 medium size raw carrot ( 2.2 oz)

    There are:
    448-452 calories in 1 whole pineapple (32 ounces or 905g)

    1355 in one whole watermelon (15" long x 7½" diameter)

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  7. hi Rahmat, when i was trying to lose alot of weight at once, i actually lost as much as 10kg in a month, and i'm not dead, or experiencing any health problems. I'm not saying anyone should do exactly as i did, but i personally don't see anything wrong with losing 2kg in a week, and the few people i did this programme with, have no problems arising from it, and they are healthy and sound, and we all lost the 2kg in a week together.
    If you have any concerns about this, or you have a doctor advising you against it, i'll advice you don't try it.
    thanks for raising this concern though, it's nice to hear from you

  8. I lost 4kg d 1st wk in my weightloss journey.

    1. Hi dear, the first week is the easiest to lose weight if you're dieting and working out, especially if you're someone that hasn't done it before. This is due to the fact that you have upped your activity level and reduced your calorie intake. It happened to me too, and as you get closer to your ideal body weight, it sorta gets a bit difficult, at least i know it happened to me. I'm using 2kg a week for people because it's safe and convenient.