Wednesday, May 29, 2013


First of all, I'd like to give a HAPPY DEMOCRACY DAY shoutout to Nigeria. It's actually been fun to just lay back and not go to work (public holiday).
Anyway, I've got another baby bump post for you. This is my second one yet. The first was Kate Middleton (I hope you've seen that one).

The Kardashian sisters have created a buzz in the fashion world, they have come up with a lot of styles including the "heavy mane of dark hair" that's become their signature. They even have their own clothing line - "DASH", but today, we'll be looking at their maternity clothing styles.
Kim has been having a lot of fashion "misses" during her pregnancy. She seems to always show up in either really tight gowns or tight heels or both. Kourtney on the other hand has done quite well with her maternity wardrobe.

I'll be showing you a couple of pictures where Kim not only missed the fashion mark, but also where she hit it. I hope these pictures explain my long story (lol).

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Kim in the tight gold coloured gown, black jacket and really tight strappy sandals, just didn't impress me in anyway. She didn't look comfortable and the one key to pulling off a "look" in fashion is looking and feeling comfortable in your outfit.

This 3-in-one picmix of Kim is just plain horrible. She doesn't look nice and its not because she put on some pregnancy weight. I guess these were her "off-fashion" days. She looks reallyyyyy awkward

One word - PPPPUUUURRRRRFFFFEEECCCCTTTOOOOO!!!!! (hope that's a word oh). She hit the mark here. Take a look at this black, white, and navy-blue coloured gown with the white pair of pointy shoes. She totallyyyyy got it right here. I loooove this look. Kudos Kimmy

Looking at Kourtney's pics, wow. Let's start with this red carpet pic. She looked really elegant and comfortable and the gown fit really nicely. I personally dig Kourtney's maternity looks. She's so cute here. You go girl

In ths picture of both sisters placed side-by-side (Kourtney's pregnant and Kim's not). Kourtney's wearing a grey top and black leggings and really cool heels (she seems comfy in them, but I won't advice it for preggy women). But she looks really nice and has these casual yet chic look. 

There you have it, this is just my personal opinion, and you can feel free to differ in the comment box below. Till next time, stay healthy, stay fashionable. Ciao!

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