Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi everyone, I decided to share my "lime-drinking" habit with you.

I squeeze one lime into a glass of water to aid digestion, detoxify my system, hence improving my skin.

Contrary to popular beliefs that it's a weight-loss miracle, it isn't, although it helps speed up digestion. Most of our bodies retain weight because of slow digestive systems that do not metabolize food quickly and since lime-water helps with better digestion, you are automatically paving the way for a better metabolism and improved calorie burning when you diet and exercise.

Please note that I only advice taking it once a day (in the morning), and at most, twice (morning and night).

I hope you'll try it out, make it a part of your beauty and diet routine. I'll love to hear from you in the comment section of this post. Be Sure to follow my blog and click "like" on our facebook page, to qualify for a free voice consultation. Ciao


  1. I have started this lime-water thing and its actually really refreshing, it tasted horrible at first, but now I actually like it

  2. Lol, the first time's actually like that, keep at it, it'll help