Friday, May 3, 2013


Hi lovelies,
I decided to do a fashion post on MAXI skirts, they've been in vogue for a while now. I fink av got about 3 of them in my closet. They are simple and chic and they have this casual yet trendy look.

They are feminine and they allow u either dress them up or down. I've been having fun with mine, maybe I'll do a seperate "dress up" post later, to show you how I wear mine. You can create different looks with different accesories on this Maxi skirt and still rock it either way. I'll be showing you pictures to give u a hint, and inspire you to create more looks. If you don't already have this skirt in your closet, I hope I can convince you to go and get yours.


  1. Does it fit on every one? Am a size 18 d last time ΐ checked.. So scared of knowing my weight cos ΐ can't stand it.. Tasha

  2. Hi Tasha, i've seen the maxi-gown on some people who wear size 18, and with the right accessories, they looked fabulous. But from the tone of your message, you seem abit uncomfortable with your weight and size. I suggest you love your looks, or if u can't, you simply change it to look like what you would love. I can help with the weight-loss, if you are interested. Its nice hearing from you. Looking forward to more comments from you