Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hi divas, summer's almost here, and I'll be showing you a couple of trends you should try out. Monochrome's one of my top choices for the summer, it's one trend that's an eye-catcher when pulled together perfectly.

The monochrome look's basically wearing one colour and this includes the "Black n white" (lol, I know its 2 colours, but this combo is regarded as one colour). I'll be focusing on the black n white monochrome. Designers like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and a couple of others had monochrome all over the runway for their 2013 summer trends.

You can pair them with neon or bright coloured accesories, shoes, bags etc to create a playful and dramatic effect, u can also use black or white accessories if you want. I'll be showing you a couple of pictures, you can recreate any of the looks and make them yours for the summer. Let's see some pictures shall we?


  1. Hi Bubzille, please do a post on accessories, I wanna go shopping but I don't know which ones to get

  2. kk charis, i guess i'll have to do that real soon