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Hi lovelies,
First of all, hope you're having a splendid week and you're preparing for the weekend. I wanna send a FRIDAY SHOUTOUT to all BCB readers. You guys are the best. Thanks for following my blog, liking our facebook page, placing comments and all.
During the course of my weight-loss journey, I had to makeup different low-calorie recipes, to avoid monotony in my meals.
To spice things up, I came up with different fruit and veggie salad recipes. I'd simply toss things into the pan, and see how they'll turn out (and most of them turned out very nice).
Well, I decided to share one of them with you. I haven't found a fancy name for it yet, and I don't know if I ever will.
It's healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare.
- 1 tablespoon of low fat, low cholesterol vegetable oil
- "GREEN" vegetable (this is the popular name of the vegetable, don't know if it's got another name)
- Sliced Pepper
- Sliced Onions
- Kpomo (don't know the english name for this either)
- 1 teaspoon of blended crayfish
- Cube seasoning
- Curry Powder
- Salt
1. Chop the kpomo into bits and boil it with seasoning to your taste before you start anything else. Allow the sauce to dry completely before you bring it down.
2. Pour the tablespoon of oil into a heated dry empty pot already on the cooker.
3. Pour the sliced onions and pepper (according to the quantity you desire), lower the flames of the burner, and cover the pot for about 30seconds to 1 minute so it heats gently.
4. Pour the curry, cube seasoning, salt and crayfish to your taste and let them fry a little with the onions and pepper.
5. Drain the kpomo of any moisture, and pour into the pot with the mixture, stir until it's evenly distributed.
6. Add the GREEN vegetable, and stir around in the pot, so that the mixture seeps into the green nicely. Do this for only a few seconds (be careful not to overcook the green, as we want it to taste fresh)
7. Bring the pot down from the burner and leave it open (don't shut the lid to avoid residual heat overcooking the vegetable).
(Pls note that water wasn't added to this, as we don't want to COOK the vegetable)
I hope the steps are easy to follow, feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Till next time, Stay healthy, stay fit, stay fashionable... CIAO!

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