Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi lovelies,
I'm on my bed, just woke up (slept really early) all snuggled up in my comfy night-shirt, and I thought to myself - I have to do a blogpost on "what to sleep in"

After this post I'll probably go back to bed as it's just about 1:08am in my country, well before that happens I'll share a little secret on nightwears. Pls READ ON...

It's very easy to neglect our "sleeping wardrobe" when we shop. A lot of us remember to shop for jeans, shoes, gowns, suits, jackets etc and we almost never remember to shop for nightwears. We just pick out that really old big T-shirt and shorts that "seems comfortable", yet when we hear a knock on our bedroom doors, we quickly step out of those clothes cos we don't want to be seen in them.

A good nightwear should be cool and comfortable, although it won't hurt if it's feminine too (sexy... I mean *wink). I'm not talking about sleeping in trashy stuff, and also you don't have to be sharing your bed with someone else before you "spice up your night-clothes". You can do better than that groggy college T-shirt and baggy shorts. They may "seem" comfy, but there are cooler more comfortable clothes that are specifically designed to aid a good night rest. That's right, getting a good nightwear helps you sleep better too.

There are a variety of options for getting good sleeping clothes, ranging from short dresses, wraps, pyjamas etc but I suggest that the basic qualities you need to consider before you go "nightwear shopping" are QUALITY AND COMFORT.

Cotton night wears are basically the most comfortable for me, some people prefer silk though, but the main idea is finding the one that's most comfortable for YOU.

Some women complain about their spouses not finding them attractive in the bedroom, well maybe your ill-fitted baggy old sleeping clothes aren't helping. Switch to nicer and more feminine ones, and see that they make a difference.

I've put up a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what I am talking about, and all these nightwears are available at COCOSHERRY STORES. They've got really cool night clothes at very affordable prices there.

Till we meet again, sleep fashionably, and comfortably too... *yawns*...

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