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Hi lovelies,
How's the week going? I've been away for awhile, and in this time, I went shopping, got all dolled up, attended a couple of events... Blah blah blah.
Let's just say I've been busy... *wink*
Well I guess you can say it's high time I did a new post, and I'll gladly agree with you.

This post is all about hair care, I've focused on diet, fashion, and looks in general for awhile and I neglected hair-care. It was even a guy that suggested I do a hair-care post.
He once asked why my hair doesn't smell like a lot of other girls he's met, and I told him a couple of hair-care tips that I do by myself, and he asked me to share it online and that's exactly what I'm doing. I guess I can say this post is inspired by him...lol

Our hair is one part of our body...
that we leave in the hands of strangers and trust whatever they do to it to be the right thing. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the salon and letting professionals handle my hair, but at the same time, the little things I can handle myself, I do with utmost care and trust me when I say those things make a huge difference.

It's summer and the heat has its effects not only on our skin, but also on our hair. I'll be sharing a few DIY tips and some others that you'll need to go to a salon for that'll be helpful to you this summer.

As the name DIY implies, these are tips you can do yourself. You don't always have to rush to the salon. Look at these tips and find out which one you can do.

1. Wash Regularly
If you are carrying your hair normally (ie without braiding or fixing a weave-on) then I suggest you wash once a week. This is because, the scalp sweats more during summer, and this attracts dust which could lead to dandruff. Also, the dampness in the hair gives off an odour which is mostly unpleasant. A good wash is recommended with a mild conditioner. Be sure to condition afterwards to moisten the hair and avoid breakage due to dryness.

2. Protect your hair from dust by using a healthy leave-in serum that protects the hair from dust and heat and gives it a healthy shine. This is also a good way to hydrate the hair. Oiling your hair after shampooing once a week is also a good way to prevent dryness and breakage.

3. I personally don't carry a hairstyle for more than 3 weeks at a time, this is a personal rule though. I noticed it helps prevent an unpleasant odour and it reduces dandruff and hair breakage.

4. Deep conditioning is another way to give your hair a treat. It keeps your hair supple and prevents breakage. I use this and I slip on a shower cap for about 5-10 minutes, then I take it off and wash thoroughly. It softens coarse hair.

5. Avoid turning your hair drier to the highest when drying your hair. I normally towel dry and part my hair to let it dry naturally. But a hair drier turned on low can do the trick.

6. Avoid using rubber bands to pack your hair, as the hair gets caught up in it and this results in unhealthy hair breakage. Use hair ruffles and don't pack your hair too tightly.

7. Eat healthy. Every part of your body including your hair thrives on nutrients from what you eat. So even for those on a diet, eat fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs, lean proteins, nuts etc...

Most stylist already know these tips, but just in any case yours doesn't, please suggest them to him/her.

1. Trim your hair regularly
The best way to get rid of split ends is to...do it yourself! Inform your stylist so that they can trim the split ends about 1/4 inch above the splitting every 6-8 weeks. This will encourage healthy, even hair growth.

2. Less Dyeing
If you must dye your hair, I'll advice that you do it very sparingly. This is because dyeing and treating hair can take a lot out of the hair. It can result in breakage. If you must do it, take alotta time inbetween to allow your hair grow normally.

3. Style Naturally
Perming, curling, flat-tonging, blow-drying and a lot of other ways of styling your hair are very good, but I advice not to use a lot of heat on your hair more than once or at most twice a month. Sometimes, simply packing it loosely after washing is advisable.

4. Protein Treatments
This is advisable especially if you have relaxed or dyed your hair. While excessive protein treatments aren't good cos they could dry your hair and make it brittle, balancing it out with a good moisturizer should do the trick.

5. Tight Hairstyles
These cut ur hair, and so should be avoided. Inform your stylist as he/she makes your hair.

Well, this list isn't all, there's also more to hair-care than this. Remember to comb with a wide-toothed comb too. Feel free to mention them to me in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Stay healthy, fit and fashionable

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