Monday, July 29, 2013


We've seen them as gowns, skirts and even tops, well guess what? They are back as trousers now. I've decided to blog about them, cos i've fallen in loveeeeeee with this trend.

This pants can be worn to almost anywhere depending on how you style them. There are so many styles of printed pants to choose from, different lengths, patterns, and fittings and that's what makes this trend really unique. You can either dress your printed pants up for a night out, or dress them down for a trip to the mall, or even the coffee shop.

I'll be sharing a few style tips on how to wear your printed pants, and i hope i can inspire you to get yours too. Keep reading...

#1. Bright Coloured or Neon Top/Jacket
This look is simple yet chic, you simply pair your printed pants with a bright coloured top, and a pair of pale coloured heels and you're good to go. You can pick one of the colours from the pants or simply any bright colour.

#2. Plain tank top and a pair of flats or flipflops
This is your perfect coffeeshop, casual look. It's very casual, perfect for a stroll, walking the dog, getting groceries etc. Very casual but stylish.

#3. Denim Top/Jacket
This look's easy and casual yet chic. A denim top/jacket is one trend that's always current and never goes out of style. It gives your printed pants a "not-trying-too-hard" look. If you choose to wear a camisole beneath the jacket, the camisole should be preferably white or black(to prevent alot of colours being involved).

#4. White/Black shirt/jacket
Truth is white or black goes with anything, why not try it out with your printed pants and see how cool. This look can be complimented with chunky neck-pieces to dress it up, and can be worn with heels or flats.

#5. Match your pants
This look involves picking the right shade from your pants and wearing as a top. Be sure to pick the right accessories to go with it, and you'll have no problems rocking this look.

#6. Tone it down with Beige
Sometimes our printed trousers want us to tone the colours down. Well, beige is one sure way to do this and get it right. Whether it's a beige jacket or top, you can tone done the colours, add a pair of heels and you're good.

There you have it, these are just 6 ways to wear your printed pants, there are other ways, cos fashion isn't exactly exhaustive.

Sometimes, you want to make the top very plain, and draw all the attention to the pants, and other times, you can simply complement the pants with the top. Either way, simply Style your printed trousers and send the pics to me via e-mail, i'll love to see how you rocked yours, and i'll be sure to upload d pics here.
Till next time, stay fashionable, ciao.

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