Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi lovelies,
I've been getting a lot of emails, from BCB readers asking if there are any exercises to increase, lift, firm up or make the boobs appear bigger.

We all like that perfect bust, but before we start thinking of surgically enhancing them, read these tips and try them out, I'm sure they'll help.

Unfortunately, the boobs aren't made up of muscle, it's basically flesh. So while there are some theories saying you can build your chest muscle to give your bust a lift, I'll tell you that this doesn't work n if it does, the effect will be very very negligible, and it'll only give you a really muscular frame.

I always recommend getting a good, firm padded bra, for that fuller bust, but besides the perfect bra fitting, I'll share a couple of fashion tips that actually make your bosom look fuller. Please note that if you already have a really full bosom, these tips aren't for you.


#1: Appliques, breast pocket designs, and bust-line pleats.
Tops or gowns with these designs always make the busts appear fuller. Be sure that you get your perfect size though, no point getting a bigger size, to avoid a lot of unnecessary excesses in all the wrong areas.

#2: Horizontal stripes across the bust region
Normally fashionistas advice against horizontal stripes, as they make you appear bigger, but we'll be using this tip to our advantage. Horizontal stripes across the bust area would give an illusion of volume.

#3: Bold patterned blouses and tops
Patterns infront of a blouse/T-shirt/Top, help too. Just be sure to get really cool ones too.

#4: Narrow and Plunging V-necklines
This is pretty self-explanatory. I personally am not an advocate of showing a lot of cleavage, hence I'll say, know where to stop, and if its a "below-the-chest" v-neckline, a tube top can be worn underneath.


#1: Dark coloured shirts/Tops/Blouses
These make you look slimmer, but they also make your busts look smaller.

#2: Wide cut and very loose fitted clothes
These hide your busts and make them look invisible.

#3: Vertical striped tops and blouses
Vertical striped clothes make you appear slimmer, true. But make sure the stripes are not around the bustline, they'll be better across the waist to make it appear slimmer.

This list isn't all there is, feel free to add to it. This is just my opinion, and I've seen it work.
I'd love to hear from you all. The comment box' all yours...

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