Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hi everyone,
Good morning (it's morning in my country). I was supposed to do this post last night, but I slept off.
It occurred to me that although I've mentioned the importance of having a food journal, I've never really told you how to write one, or even shown you what mine is like.

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words", instead of describing how to write a food journal, I'll simply show you what mine looks like.
Please note that I'm not on a weight-loss diet anymore, I'm only eating healthy and doing only the basic workout routines.

The different food in my food journal ARE NOT for those who are trying to lose weight, and so SHOULD NOT be adopted as a model for a weight-loss diet.

My food journal is where I enter every single thing I put in my mouth. If I binge, I put it down. This way I can keep track of the APPROXIMATE number of calories I eat each day.

Please ignore my writing, I hope the pic's clear enough for you. You can zoom in on it too.

The comment box's all yours. Looking forward to reading your comments.

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  1. You have a very nice handwriting :-). I'm too lazy to write so I journal at Myfitnesspal. You just got yourself a new follower. I hope you visit my blog when you have the chance to say hi.


    1. Hi dear, thanks for viewing my blog. myfitnesspal is a good tool too. I viewed your blog and it's amazing. Keep it up.

  2. Same here> too lazy to write.I try my best to use myfitness pal. Mwhl is turkey that low in calories?? 60cal. Wat quantity?

    1. Hi dear, I eat my turkey boiled and not fried, and the fact that I was combining it with carbohydrate, I took a very small portion. I divided a medium sized thigh into 10 bits and took one piece. One medium sized thigh contains about 609 calories.

  3. Hi Bubu , i don't eat up to 1500 calories a day and i go to the gym everyday, but still struggle with my weight. Pls help

  4. Hi dear, how do you calculate your daily food intake and what kinds of food do u take? These are important questions I would love to ask you. Pls contact me at Don't despair, there's always a solution