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Hey lovelies,
Good morning (it's morning in my country), how was your night, I'm guessing it was okay. I'm up early (as usual), I've got a very busy day ahead, so I have to begin quite early.
In my previous post on Strip lashes, I promised to do another post on how to keep them clean and maintain them for reuse. Well, here it is...

Keeping your strip lashes clean helps them last longer and keeps them looking new whenever you need to use them. You don't need to toss them after you've first used them, and you don't need a professional to fix them or wash them for you. I'm a firm believer in reusing strip lashes, so I keep them clean and preserve them. I've used some of my lashes about 5 times and still counting.
The only time you can throw your strip lashes away is when they are have lost a couple of strands, when the band is off and when the shape's damaged.
I have outlined a few steps on how I keep mine looking new.

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A. Warm water (NOT HOT)
B. Bowl/Bathroom sink
C. Mild liquid bathing soap (Use a product that isn't harsh and removes makeup easily. I use my Clearasil Daily clear oil free face wash, because it washes off my makeup thoroughly and it causes no reaction to my face)
D. Clean Face Towel

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#1. Gently take off your strip lashes, by holding the outer edge and peeling gently off your eyelids. This shouldn't hurt provided you used the right strip lash adhesive ( refer to my previous strip lashes post)
#2. Peel off the thin strip of glue residue from the band of your strip lashes. Do this very gently to avoid damaging the band of the lashes.
#3. Wet the strip lashes in warm water, squeeze a tiny quantity of liquid bathing soap or oil free face wash onto the tip of your fingers, and rub together with the wet lashes. You'll see the mascara residue coming off as you do this. Do this gently to avoid damaging the shape of your lashes.
#4. Rinse thoroughly under running warm water in the bathroom sink or in clean water in a bowl. (You can repeat step #3 and #4 if you feel it's not clean yet).
#5. Pat the wet strip lashes dry with the face towel and and lay them down on a clean towel to dry. Leave them out until they dry thoroughly.
#6. Pack the dry lashes back in the pack they came in. (Hope you haven't thrown yours away). The lash tray in the pack is the best place to store them for reuse as it prevents them from getting dusty or damaged and helps them retain their original shape.
(Please note that the Clearasil face wash is just A PERSONAL PREFERENCE, and any other oil free face wash that removes makeup debris well and is mild would suffice)
There you have it, I hope these steps are easy to follow. Any questions or comments are welcome in the comment box below. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for reading, Till next time,
Stay Healthy, fit and fashionable.

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