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Good morning everyone, (it's still morning in my country), I'm sure a lot of people are still sleeping...*yawns*.

This post is long overdue, it was actually requested by a BCB reader a few days ago. I'm happy to oblige and I hope these tips will be helpful to others.
I've been asked a couple of times by people about where I fix my lashes, and most often people are
surprised when I say I do it myself. I'm here to share how I do it, I hope the pictures and the steps help.

See the steps and more pics after the cut...

I use STRIP LASHES because I prefer them to the CLUSTER/SINGLE LASH kind.
Cluster/single lashes most often require professional application, and the glue used is quite harsh (although this means it lasts for about 1 - 2 weeks) but they can't be taken off and reused(at least I haven't seen anyone do that) as opposed to strip lashes which can be taken off at night and re-applied
in the morning at will.

I use my strip lashes and take them off when I want to wash off my makeup and go to bed (the glue isn't harsh). I reuse them when ever I want to (at least I have used some up to 4 -5 times). Strip lashes can also be washed (to remove makeup, glue and dust particles) before they are used again.
I hope I've convinced you to get yours, if I have, these DIY steps below should guide you on how to use them. It's okay if you don't get it right the first time, simply try again.

A lot of celebrities use this, because they have to change costumes a lot and they have their makeup
done a number of times to suit their present look (i.e stage look, club look, press conference look,
music video look etc).

It's important to choose moderate lengths, so you don't look like Lady Gaga on stage when you're
simply attending a wedding. Moderate lengths and fullness are the keys to choosing the right strip lash.

I prefer to get my lashes done after I've applied my eye makeup (this is a personal preference), because I've found it's neater this way, but since you are just trying it out for the first time (I'm assuming), you don't need to wear your makeup yet, as there may be mistakes (normal for a first timer, don't be discouraged).

* Tweezers
* Fixed/swivel mirror
* Makeup remover wipes (basically for first time tryouts)
* Strip Lash
* Lash Glue/adhesive ( I use LashGrip Eyelash adhesive)
* Eyeliner (black)
* Mascara
* Scissors

Remove the lashes from the pack, and hold them at the middle with a pair of tweezers close to your eyes to check the fit, if the lashes are longer (they mostly are), trim with a pair of scissors from the outer end so that it maintains a natural look.

Apply a thin liquid eyeliner as close to your natural lashes as possible. Hold your lash glue/adhesive
to the band of the lashes, and squeeze lightly. Avoid applying excess glue so that it doesn't become messy. I use a toothpick to spread mine evenly to avoid excess glue (the toothpick is a personal preference). Then hold out the lash with tweezers for about 15seconds so that the glue becomes a bit
tacky. This is done so that it doesn't slide around but instead holds fast when fixing.

Looking down into the mirror, place the lashes on your eye-lid as close to your natural lash line as
possible. Gently press the lashes in place, working from the inner part of your eye to the outer part. Hold both ends in place while you adjust the lashes in place. The glue would have dried by now. There should be no gap between your natural lashes and the artificial ones.
If there is a gap (evidence of a mistake), simply hold the outer edge of the lashes and peel off (it won't hurt provided you used the right adhesive), wipe your lids with the makeup remover wipes, pick out the excess glue from the strip lashes with a pair of tweezers and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Next use your black liquid eyeliner to line the top of your lid as close to the new lashes as possible this would cover any obvious spaces.

Use the mascara to blend the natural lashes with the artificial ones, working from the roots to the tip. This step is important as it gives the lashes a natural look.

VOILA!!! Easy steps to that WOW look.

I advise against sleeping with your lashes on. I take them off just before I take off my makeup (I'll do a post on my makeup removal routine soon). To take off your strip lash, simply hold the outer edge and peel off. It doesn't hurt as long as you have used the right adhesive.
I've put up pictures (they aren't all mine though, couldn't take pics while fixing mine as I had to use both hands at some point, and my pictures aren't as clear as these), I also labelled the pics, I hope they help. The comment box is all yours. I'll be glad to hear from you.
You can also try these steps and send me pictures of your finished products to , I'd love to see them.
I'll do another post on how to wash/care for your strip lashes very soon, can't do that now because it's a Monday morning and I have to get ready for work.
Till next time,

Stay healthy, fit and fashionable.


  1. Great one, thanks a lot, now I dnt have to visit the salon anymore.

    1. Thanks for viewing my blog. Glad I could help. Visit more often, byeeee