Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hi lovelies,
How's the weekend going, I'm guessing it's going really well.
This post is all about makeup transition. How to change your "DAY" makeup into a "NIGHT" makeup look.

Have you ever left from work after a tired day, to a friend's birthday gig and you didn't have the time to change ur clothes, or shower and change ur makeup? If this or something similar has happened to you, then this post is for you.
The transition is really simple and it's something you can do in the cab on your way to the birthday gig or even a girls' night out.

Try these simple steps out, and I hope they help you.

Dab on a shade darker of the eyeshadow colour you already have between your crease and under-brow highlights (you can also use a light black eyeshadow).
...more pics after the cut

Use the same colour to line your under eye tear-line and sweep the makeup brush a little lower than the tear line to blend with the area around your lower lashes.

Use a bronze highlighter that's a shade or 2 darker than your complexion to contour beneath your cheekbones, and a deep coloured blush for your cheekbones.

A deep coloured lipstick for your lip would be the perfect finish for this transition.

I actually did this transition in about 7minutes. You can try yours out and send pics to my email address (

I hope the pics I've put up are helpful. Till next time,
Stay healthy, fit and fashionable.

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