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It's Friday, hope you're getting ready for the weekend, well I am. It's the last day of work for the week, I'm sooo looking forward to spending a little more time than normal on my bed tomorrow morning. Anyway, let's talk a little about makeup.

People take one look at my makeup products collection and immediately ask me how I'm able to move around with all the stuff. (I'm a makeup artist, although that doesn't mean I'll carry my box of stuff around). I have certain products I move around with, and I'm here to share them with you.
Every fashionable lady should have her carry around makeup purse for that little touch-up here and there. This post is about the basic stuff I carry around with me when I go for little personal travels. These products are basic must-haves for that little trip, where you are required to pack very light, and they still ensure you have that perfect made-up look.

I'll show you my personal "light-travel" makeup purse, and I hope this post will be helpful when next you're taking that trip. These are basically stuff I move around with, when I have to leave town.
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#1. Moisturizer
This is very important, because to apply makeup you need to keep your skin hydrated to provide a smooth surface, so that your makeup rests perfectly on your face. Wash your face, and apply your moisturizer, allow it dry well before you apply your makeup. My cream bottle is quite big, so in order for it to fit into my makeup purse, I poured a little into a smaller container.

#2. Foundation and/or Concealer
For those with spotless and blemish-less skin, this may not be necessary, but I happen to have slightly darker under-eyes, so I go with my foundation and concealer for that spotless look.

#3. Powder
This sets your concealer and foundation well. I use a loose powder when I travel with my makeup, because it's application doesn't need so much care.

#4. Eye-shadow
I can't really over-estimate the usefulness of this, sometimes I don't know which of my palettes to travel with (cos I just love all of them), so what I basically do is to carry 2 mini eye-shadow palettes that have colours for my tear-duct, lids, crease and my under-brow highlights.

#5. Brushes
I have quite a lot of brushes, my largest brush set has about 30 brushes, but this list is about the basics. So I carry my Powder brush, blush/cheek highlighter brush, brow/lash brush and eyeshadow "brushes".

#6. Powder Blush and Bronzer
I stick to powdery products when I travel light (personal preference). For that rosy cheek look, I use a Sleek flushed 935 powder Blush product, and for both bronzer and highlighter, I use Sleek Gold digga 505 Face and body highlighter. For the extra tanned golden look, I use a drugstore shimmery gold cheek bronzer product (got it at a regular shop for awhile now, its not a known product, and the name's even rubbed off).

#7. Eyeliner And Mascara
Eyeliners add glamour to your regular eye-makeup, I use Sleek dipit liquid eyeliner. For my mascara I use MaryKay Black VC 31 mascara. Mascara helps your lashes look thicker and longer (if it's a big event, I may opt for my strip lashes though).

#8. Lipgloss/lipstick
This is another area where I've got a bit of a dilemma making a choice. But I've learnt to simply
choose a dressy red and a neutral gold or nude peach and a transparent gloss. That way if I want to dress up I go with the red, and if its a cool trip, I go with my nude and neutral.

Well, there you have it. This is my basic travel makeup kit. Hope it inspires you to pack yours.
I've put up pictures of my makeup purse (and even how it fits in my handbag), and pics of the individual products contained in it.

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