Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi everyone, first of all, i'd like to send a shoutout to all BCB readers that sent me emails requesting a new post. Love y'all so much.

I actually am dedicating a whole post to my flabby arms... lol. I decided to head to the gym, since i don't  own any workout machine, and i need a treamill badly. Anyway back to my arms gist.

Recall my last post about my sugar craze ? Well I found out that burning about 2-3kg without a strict diet plan is actually annoying. I'm aiming for 3kg in a month, that way I can lose weight the healthy way. I've been bursting my butt to build muscle and lose weight at the same time (losing weight requires restricted calorie intake, while muscle building requires a certain kind of food intake... Long story, but you get my drift, right?). It's crazy because muscles actually weight a whole lot, but I never give up.

I've been doing my basic cardio routines, and I've added a couple of arm workout routines that I do on my own and in my room, but I'll share with you guys here.

When I lost weight, I lost some muscle weight too, so I'm trying to build the muscle right now. To build muscle, a diet consisting of lean protein such as lean meat, fish, and low-fat high carbohydrates including grains and high fibre cereals. Fruits and vegetables are a must too. While it's important to include every class of food, eating healthily and eating right is all that matters. Drink a lot of water too as it helps skin elasticity.

1. Easy Push-Ups
Push-ups are great for strengthening and toning up muscles in your chest and arms. The modified push-up is performed on your knees. Facing down, place your weight on your knees and hands. Keeping your back straight at all times, push up with your arms until they are fully extended; then, slowly lower your body until it almost touches the floor and repeat. If you're up for an extra challenge, try 10 – 15 regular push-ups.

2. Triceps Dips
Triceps dips are great for toning the back of your arms. You'll need a chair for this exercise. Place your feet on the floor a few feet from and facing away from the chair. Place your hands behind you on the seat of the chair (fingers facing toward you). Keeping your legs straight, slowly dip down by bending your arms behind you until your butt is almost touching the floor. Slowly raise your body back up using your triceps until your arms are fully extended (straight) and repeat.

3. Skipping
This helps the arms, the constant rotation and swinging the rope strains the arm muscles and makes them taut.
Stand with skipping rope handles in each hand. Rotate the skipping rope with your hands and jump off the floor high enough to allow the rope to travel under the feet. Chest up, head straight up.

Thanks for reading and please be sure to follow my blog. Till we meet again, stay healthy, fit and fashionable.


  1. Hi bubzille tanks fr d tips but am concerned about my Arm(xtian mother) its really annoyin on hw it looks,ve bin workin out since a mnth ago n I dnt noe if its actually goin down,I skip up to 900 atimes but not at a stretch, bt I really want to noe hw u lost weight in ur arm durin ur work out challenges? Rply pls.tanks Nneoma.

  2. Hi dear, i lost weight in my arm, true, but i've got some loose skin there, the doctor says it's because i've been fat all my life and so the elastic limit of my arm has actually been stretched. If that's not the case for you, then i know a ton of arm exercises you can do that'll not only reduce your arm, but will firm up the muscles there too. Bear in mind that cardio exercises are actuall the best for losing fat in the body, and so to reduce your arm, you have to first burn the fat while your firming up the muscle. I hope this answers your question.

    PS: a month is such a short time to see very visible body changes, cut your body some slack, exercise patience and give your arm some more time.