Friday, October 4, 2013


Hi lovelies,
It's been awhile since my last blogpost, hope you all have been doing good. I've blogged about my weight-loss journey, my successes and now I'm come to mention my mistake. I've been lazy with my diet and I've seen the effects.
I've got some sort of a sweet tooth and I allowed myself fall into my sweet tooth habits. I started taking foods with refined sugar, thinking I had it all under control as long as I counted my daily calories and didn't exceed my limit, but i've come to find out that calories from refined sugar aren't the same as calories from natural foods and fruits, and like I always say, every bit of information I share on my blog comes from my experience.
I've decided to turn from my sugar-loving ways, and stick to a much healthier diet plan.
I know a lot of you want to ask me why the calories from sugar are different, so before you do, I'll tell you.
I noticed this to be true and I began to see the effects on my body. I added 2kg during this period, which puts my weight at 66kg. I've decided to cut out the refined sugar, and lose the extra 2kg again.

Sugar doesn't just make you fat, I'll break down the process for you, so you'll see how it increases fat storage.
Insulin is one major hormone to be considered when it comes to weight-loss and fat storage.
Excess sugar in the body results in hyperglycemia . When we exercise, we are able to burn it off, but if we sit around (I've eased up on my exercise routine too) this is not a good thing. To combat the excess sugar (glucose), the body releases more insulin.
Insulin will then take the excess glucose and try to find a place to store it. If your muscles are all full (or have insulin resistance) then the best place to put the excess glucose is FAT cells.
When insulin is high, the fat cells start STORING FAT. With the high insulin spikes, the body cells start to resist the insulin, leading to more fat storing, and more insuling production, more resistance and more fat storage. A VERY VICIOUS CYCLE.
So GUESS WHAT, I've decided to cut down on my sugary habits and watch out for the results. I'll do this for A MONTH, beginning tomorrow the 5th of October and I'll report my findings here weekly on my blog. Be sure to stay tuned, as I commence my little online experiment (lol).
Your comments mean a lot to me, so I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Stay HEALTHY, fit and fashionable
Lotsa love
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  1. I believe you so much in life, your determination and drive is worth emulating from, keep it real dear, I love you.
    Benjamin Unachukwe