Monday, November 4, 2013


I want to say a big thank you to all BCB readers, who take time off from their busy schedules to read my blog.

Errrmmmmmm.... Where do I start?
Good Morning everyone, and happy new Month. Guess some of you are still in bed.
This post is about everything and anything I've been up to recently (Pardon my rantings).

I went shopping (enjoying the fact that I can buy size 8 clothes), got a shirt and a skirt (my first official size 8 skirt... Yayyy me). I got a pair of jeans too. Jean sizes confuse me, I've a size 29 pair that's just my size, and a size 28 that's big on me. I really don't know how the designers place the size labels.

I went for a job interview (did I mention I'm job-hunting?), long story short, I met someone that I shared my blog's link with (at least something good came out of that day... Lol)

What else? I got a new hairstyle,

Loving monochrome, i wore this with just one pop of colour added to the outfit (pinkish purple shoes)

Finally I got my MAC RIRI WOO LIPSTICK. I've been trying to get it, the makeup shops I buy my products from didn't have , apparently they just got it and I finally bought my Riri Woo lipstick. i'll use it and do a review soon.

My next post would come up really soon after this and it'll be a "real" post, not just a "rant".

Thanks for viewing, please be sure to follow my blog.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Till next time, stay Healthy, Fit and fashionable.



  1. You look great!
    PS: Is the Riri Woo matte like Ruby Woo?

    1. Thanks for the compliment dearie, Truth be told, they are so alike, and although i'm a makeup freak, i wont consider going for Ruby Woo, when i've already got a Riri Woo. Their colour swatches are soooo alike, and when you wear them it's almost impossible to tell which is which. I'll almost call them possible dupes of each other considering the fact that they are both a rich shade of velvet red, and both are very matte lipsticks. That being said, I found that the Riri Woo is creamier and slightly darker than the Ruby Woo, and so i definitely prefer the Riri Woo

  2. Why not do a topic on what to wear for a job interview?

    1. Hi dear, thanks for the suggestion, I really wish I knew ur name, so I won't have to refer to you as anonymous, you can be sure I'll do a post on that really soon. Thanks again for the idea and thanks for viewing my blog. You Rock!!!