Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Christmas Bells are jingling, lovely carol tunes seem to be wafting out of every corner, December is soooooooo close I can smell it...
Well, while people are prepping for December and the new year, I'll be doing some "prepping" of my own. You wanna guess???
The holidays are usually that time of the year, when people put on a little extra weight. What with all the partying, wining and dining, family picnics, and stuff. Well I'm trying to avoid the extra weight and still have fun during the holidays.
I've worked too hard to allow myself put on those extra kilograms. So while I'll be allowing myself "a little" bit of binging here and there during the Christmas and New Year season, I've decided to come up with little fun routines that'll help keep the fat away.
So, If you've lost a lot of weight and you want to maintain it this holiday season, or you haven't lost any but you have no intention of gaining any more, or you just wanna join in the keeping fit fun routines, then this is definitely for you.
I'll be uploading the routines weekly until the 1st of January, it'll be our own way of counting down to the new year.
The routines will come up on Sunday nights in preparation for the week ahead.
Don't fret, it's nothing difficult or out of this world, and I assure you that we'll (yea, I'll be doing it too) have fun doing it.
It's called #FunWorkoutWithBubzille.
Please spread the word amongst friends and foe alike... Lol. Everyone should join in, and if you can form your little groups with family, siblings, friends, anyone or just you (anything at all too motivate you). You can send in your pictures via my email (bubzilleclassics@gmail.com) and I'll upload it here on ma blog. it's our way of encouraging each other and working out together.
You can spread the word by tweeting #FunWorkoutWithBubzille or #FWWBubzille or #FWWB or all three lol.
Please help make this a "thing", more people keeping fit, will make the world a healthier place. You don't know whose life you might just be saving.
I love y'all for viewing my blog and I'll love to hear from you, especially what you think about this.
Till Next time, remain healthy, fit and fashionable. Ciao!
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  1. I am so in. I practically sleep on this blog these days.

    1. How do i receive notifications on ur posts my email pls? Thanks

    2. Hi Oge, thanks for viewing my blog, and thanks for the enthusiasm too. To receive notifications via email, youkll need to follow this blog by clicking on the "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" link on the right side of the screen. This link is visible if you're viewing this page with a laptop, ipad or tablet. To view the FOLLOW link with a mobile phone, you'll need to scroll to the end of the page and click on the "view web version" link.
      Please be sure to share the word about the workout countdown to the new year by tweeting with #FWWB, #FunWorkoutWithBubzille, #FWWBubzille. Let's spread the news about good health to everyone. Lotsa lov. Ciao

    3. Hi bubzille,
      I'll be needing these workout techniques as winter approaches so I don't allow my body store up so much fat....

    4. Sure thing, I'll b uploading them on Sunday evening every week till new year, and we'll start on Monday Morning

    5. Lord have mercy on me! Pls how do I overcome these cravings o esp when I am not busy. I've had one packet of small indomie this morning, 50seeds of g.nut and one big tangerine(orange) but the craving are so bad what do I do in these case please since am trying to embark on d calorie counting exercise too? Thanks

  2. Hi dear, I'll tell you what I simply do, and I assure you that it works, since you said you're not busy, simply pick up something that's your hobby and do it. I simply open my makeup box and start trying out new looks, or I pick my phone and do a blog post on how I feel (lol). Just do anything you love. It'll take your mind off the cravings

  3. Owwww thanks Bubu... I am also a makeup artist I guess I'll just pickup my makeup box then. Thanks a lot.

  4. Pls when's this starting?