Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hi lovelies,
How's #FWWB going? I decided to do a little piece on things that BCB readers have brought to my notice.

I'll paste the email I received and I'll address it publicly for the benefit of everyone involved in #FWWB. If these questions aren't similar to yours, you can always mail me your own questions at cs@gaPlease note that I am publishing this emails with the consent of the senders and their privacy remains intact. I WILL NOT PUBLISH THEIR E-MAIL ADDRESSES.
These are the emails and my replies:

Dear Bubzille, I feel pains in my thighs and I think it's due to the squats, can I reduce my squats? - Amy

Hi Amy,
I feel the pains too, but I'll advice you to break it down, you can do the 60 squats in batches of 20, 3 times a day. It doesn't have to be done at once.

Hi Bubu, My shoulders hurt from the jumping jacks, can I take pain killers? - Ezinne

Ezinne, I never advice people who have pains from exercising to use pain killers except prescribed by a doctor. Pls see a doctor if the pains seem unbearable.

Bubzille, I'm a BCB reader, I love your blog, cos I'm overweight and you've given me hope. I weigh 113kg, and the jogging, skipping and jumping jacks are hurting my ankles. Please what should I do? - Anonymous

Hi Anonymous, I'm sorry about your ankle, and I'll ask you to pls stop jogging, instead of jogging, go for brisk walking. Instead of 50 jumping jacks, start with just 10. Same goes for the skipping. Do just 50 a day, and I'll work with you personally as you show more dedication to the routines. Remember I used to weigh 116.9kg, so I know exactly what you're going through. Pls keep in touch. Ciao!

I hope these answers are helpful to all others who have similar issues.
The comment box is all yours. I love hearing from you. Bye ya.

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