Sunday, November 17, 2013


I'm actually really excited about this. This is something I've been looking forward to. The first week is pretty simple, introducing the basics and in bits too, by week 2 I'll increase the number of reps per exercise

This isn't a crash plan, and I plan to stick to this for awhile. I'll be dropping carbonated drinks and making a couple of changes to my diet (but nothing drastic). I'm hoping to tighten my muscles with the difficulty routines, and the cardio's simply there, because I lovveeeeeeee doing cardio workouts.

I scheduled the cardio to be thrice a week, and a day in between to rest from cardio and do other stuff. Sunday'll be my free day. No workout on sundays...

The routines mustn't be done at once, they can be done in bits and at your convenience.

Any questions can be asked via my email address which is or you can tweet me @Bubzille Simply add #FFWB #FFWBubzille or #FunWorkoutWithBubzille
Let's do this together, motivating each other. Lotsa lovin...
Luv y'all
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  1. Cool! But what about a meal plan to follow? Do u think u could pls help us with a food plan as well? Thanks

    1. Hi dear, these routines are basically for keeping fit. For weightloss I'll recommend a certain amount of cardio everyday. But you can use theis for longterm sustainable weight-loss with 1200 daily calorie limit diet. I'm at work now, but I'll probably show my food journal at the end of today. Concerning the diet plan, you can use the one that's already featured on my blog.

  2. Pls bubzillie,is dere anytin I can use to replace d ball twist,bcos I don't ЂΛƔ£ a ball

    1. Some people use 2kg dumbbells, I use a bottle of water.