Monday, November 11, 2013


Hi lovelies,
I'm really excited about #FWWB (if you don't know what it's about, pls see my previous post). I'll be uploading our first routine on Sunday evening, and we'll begin on Monday morning. Please bear in mind that this routines are also scheduled to include those who have jobs and go to work really early.

Well, I'll advice a high fibre and water preparatory diet for Saturday and Sunday to cleanse and detoxify your system before we begin on Monday morning. I thought of a list of basic stuff we'll need for our fun routine and I decided to outline them here:

1. Comfy jogging shoes
2. A skipping rope
3. Mat (optional)
4. Music player and earphones/earpiece
5. 2 (1 litre) bottles of water for arm lifts
6. Comfy workout clothes (anything you feel comfy in)

Well these are basically all I can think of for now.
Let's do this together, inspiring each other. Pls feel free to join in, and you can send your workout pictures to I'll be sure to share mine too.

Tweet me @Bubzille and please add any of these tags #FWWB #FunWorkoutWithBubzille #FWWBubzille

The more the merrier so please spread the word. Till we meet again, Stay Healthy, Fit and Fashionable...
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  1. Hello, is this really all we need?

    1. Thanxxx for visiting my blog. You can add a scale, jotter (for a food journal), and taperule. That's all for now