Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hi lovelies, i hope #FWWB is going alright. This post is for our 5th week Tuesday routine.

Bubzille Quick 5 in 1aerobic routine

I put this routine together, its great for cardio and it firms up your muscles too.

Here it is:

-  March to a quick rythm, raising your knees as high as you can, do is for 30 counts.
-  Do a series of 60 quick jumping jacks.
-  Place both hands behind your head and Raise your elbows to your knees alternately it (right elbow to left knee, then left elbow to right knee, dats one round). Do 20 rounds of this.
-   Spread your legs shoulder width apart and drop to a quick squat 5 times.
-   Stand up, lifting your feet till you can Touch your inner ankle with your palm alternately (ie left palm to right inner ankle and right palm to left inner ankle). Do this 20 times
Then start the routine over again. Do this 5 times.

Pls try not to rest in between, this routine is best done in quick succession. Be sure to have a bottle of water close by.

Well here are the routines for tomorrow:

1500 skips ( pls do this in batches)
Bubzille's quick 5 in 1 routine
40 sec planks 3ce
30 bicycle crunches. 

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