Monday, December 23, 2013


Our Monday routine for this week is all about the stairs. Before I give the routines, I'll share a few facts with you.

Do You Know?

- Stair routines burn quite an amount of calories because they leverage gravity, making us heavier, which in turn makes us expend more energy and burn more calories.
- It helps strengthen and shape the thighs, butts and stomach.
- It can be done indoors and this is beneficial especially to those who have limited space and time.

I could go on an on, but please allow me define some terms we will be using during our routines.

1. Stair-runs
This is done simply by running up and down the stairs. You start with one step at a time for the first 30 steps, then you run back down. Do this 5 times. Next you run up 2 steps at a time and then run back down, this too is done 5 times. Try to time your routines and beat the time with each rep.

2. Step ups and downs
Stand at the bottom of the steps, facing the step. Now take one step with your right leg leading, now step up with the left leg. Return both feet to the ground alternatively beginning with the right leg also. Do this 30 times in quick succession, rest for 20 seconds then repeat again, this time starting with your left leg. This is counted as one rep.

3. Step n touch
With your left side facing the stairs, lift your left leg to the first step sideways like your climbing it, your weight will rest on the left leg, then bring your right leg to just touch the step, then take the right leg back to the floor, and then the left leg too. Do this 30 times, then change sides, let your right side face the stairs, then you climb sideways, let your weight be on the right side, bring the left leg to just touch the stairs, then take the left leg down to the floor and then the right leg too. Do this 30 times also. This regarded as 1 rep. There are other variations to this routine and we will learn more as we go.

Now here's our Monday Routine
3 reps of 60 jumping jacks
5 reps of stair runs
5 reps if step up and downs
5 reps of step and touch
Flexibility routines

(Please walk up and down the stairs once before the step routines to warm up and also after to cool down). Feel free to ask questions in the comment box.

Till my next post, stay Healthy, Fit and Fashionable.

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