Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hi everyone,
It's the holidays, and there's bound to be a lot of hanging out. I've personally been out with family and friends. Well, this post is basically just a couple of fun ideas for the perfect beach outfit. This was requested by a BCB reader and I'm really happy to oblige.
The beach is all about fun, and so the beach fashion has to be comfortable yet stylish. I'll be sharing a few ideas on how to dress up for the beach.

1. Fabulous Beach Coverups
This is a loose garment worn over other clothing for modesty and also to protect sensitive parts of. The skin from ultraviolet rays. You can't go wrong with a beach coverup. It's sexy, flirty, comfy and the look is very easy to pull off. With your swimsuit or bikini beneath, you can take it off when you want to go for a dip and throw it on later. This look doesn't need a lot of accessorising and with a stylish pair of flip flops, your look is complete.

2. The Maxi dress
This dress brings instant glamour to beach fashion. It comes in different patterns and designs, and its very comfy too. It can be worn with a hat, colorful jewelry and flat slippers or sandals.

3. Tank tops and shorts
This is a typical beach classic. If you're not a "dress" kinda girl, then this look is for you. It's fierce and sassy. All you need are the perfect accessories and you can make this look yours.

4. Maxi skirt and a top
This outfit's is chic, although it kinda means you won't be getting into the water. It goes well with a purse, a pair of sunglasses, flat sandals and you're ready to go. Don't forget fun bracelets too.

There are other fun ways to dress up for the beach. You can send your suggestions to the comment box or to
Till my next post, stay healthy, fit and fashionable. Ciao!

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