Monday, December 23, 2013


Hi lovelies, this week's #FWWB is all about effectiveness, so I'll be sharing a few tips that I have learnt, used and they have worked for me.

1. Inclined Terrain
This is actually simpler than it sounds. To do this, you can run up and down pedestrian bridges,
staircases, hills, etc. The aim is to go against gravity, making you heavier, and you expend more energy thereby burning more calories.

2. Exercise in "bursts"
While working out, choose a certain "burst zone" (a period of time and/or distance during your workout where you increase your workout intensity). It could be a quick 30 sec to 1 min sprint during a jog, or quicker paced jumps while skipping.

3. Weigh More
This part is delicate, it involves you increasing your weight with an evenly distributed extra weight to burn more calories. The principle is easy, you trick your body into thinking your bigger, so you expend more energy and burn more calories. You can use a weighty vest or a well-strapped backpack with an extra 3-5kg while walking, jogging, skipping, dancing etc.

4. Work With The Clock
To increase calorie burnt, we will be doing our routines with time. Use a stopwatch to check the time it takes you to complete one rep of any particular routine, and for the subsequent reps of that routine, try to beat your initial time.

Hope these tips have been helpful. Our #FWWB 5th week routines are coming up next.

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