Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hi lovelies, 

Good morning, and hope your night was good and peaceful. I was surfing the net recently and a couple of eye-catching celebrity weight changes. 

The first I noticed was Jennifer Hudson. We all know her and most o
f us love her determination (I personally admire her determination). I just hope the Hollywood pressure to keep getting thinner isn't gaining on her. She revently posted some pictures of her looking slimmer.

The next person on my weight-loss watch list is a ghanaian actress - Yvonne Nelson. First I'd like to say she is one pretty lady, and she's made some interesting and admirable fashion choices that have definitely caught my eyes. She's been spotting a much thinner look recently and people are starting to get alarmed (me inclusive).

Well I guess they know what they are doing oh...
I love people looking fit and healthy, and I believe in staying within the ideal weight range and BMI for your body. 

That being said, I've included pictures of the two ladies. Please tell me what you think...

Jennifer first,

...and here's Yvonne


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  1. Question is, is Jennifer's weight loss surgery or work out and eating healthy, Yvonne better not get any thinner.