Friday, January 31, 2014


Ever wondered how much you really know about stuff you put in your mouth? In the "Art" of healthy eating, it isn't just about calorie counting, but eating healthy and cramming in less dense calories.
For instance, a cupcake may be about 500 calories, and has same calories with 20 medium sized carrots which are healthier and will make you way fuller without eating up to 10. It's time to stop saying "losing weight is sooo hard" and start understanding the magic behind knowing our foods. Let's learn the "MORE FOOD LESS CALORIE" trick. Please keep reading...

Remember all calories aren't the same. 500 calories of cheeseburgers isn't same as 500 calories of oranges. A regular cup of icecream which is about 384 calories isn't same as 384 calories worth of beans or any other healthy unprocessed food. Click here to learn more. The key is to eat satisfying, healthy and tasty foods. You can actually eat more of some foods and not get fat, than eat less of others and put on a lot of unhealthy weight.
(Chewing my carrots as I type this

We'll here is a little list I compiled of what 500 calories really means in terms of different foods, this is based on  research from different sources:

1.  70grams of butter
2.  20 medium sized carrots
3.  2 1.5oz bars of chocolate
4.  2 medium sized Irish potatoes
5.  2 cups of white rice
6.  72 cups of sliced spinach
7.  465 grams of canned black beans
8.  About 2 cans of sweet corn.
9.  510g of sliced smoked turkey
10. 150ml of Baileys Irish cream
11. 130grams of glazed doughnut

These are just a few. No food is entirely bad, the key is moderation and calorie counting. Kill the hunger with healthy alternatives, so that there'll be no space left for junk. When creating your dishes that are calorie limited, be sure to mix up the different classes of food.

Fill one half of your  with non starchy vegetables, fill a third of your plate with healthy filling proteins, sparingly load the rest with healthy fats and fibrous grains, like nuts and wheat. Eat less and even lesser processed foods.

I really hope these tips are helpful. Remember, the comments box is all yours. Thanks for reading to the end.,.
Till my next post, Stay Healthy, Fit and Fashionable