Saturday, February 1, 2014


It's like trying to cure an addiction, you've been sober for so long, then one day, out of the blues, you toss your sobriety coin and pick up that old habit. It's convenient, and no one can see you indulge. Just you and the one thing that "makes you happy"

Some days are like that, the key is to find true joy in something else and make those "off the wagon" days fewer until they cease to exist.

I'm not just giving advice, I'm telling a true story, I picked up an old habit (eating late dinners), and it's taken a toll on my body. Everyone says it's not obvious, but I know I feel different, and before you say "different is good", I'll cut you short and say this "different" doesn't feel so good. 

When you "fall off the wagon", there is a temptation to remain there, but I'll tell you that the result won't be something you want. It made me feel like "what's the point, after all I'm already at my desired weight", so I stayed off my diet and workout for a week. 

Then I remembered that it's no longer just about me, I have people who are inspired by my story and my results, and so I decided to start again. Keeping Fit is not a destination, it's a way of life. No point dwelling on the past, today is a new day.

I went for a 30 minute jog this morning, and I did my "step up and down" routine, and I felt as good as new. I felt really joyful and proud of myself. The indigestion I had from the late dinner left with all the running around, and that "different not-so-good" feeling flew out of the head.

I felt really good and feeling good about yourself is one of the most important steps in keeping fit or loosing weight. It keeps you inspired. 

Now you've heard one of my "Off-the-wagon" stories, feel free to tell me yours either by email or in the comment box below. If you want, I could do a post on you and your story (only with your permission of course).

Stay Inspired, and remember, "You won't get the desired butt, by sitting on it all day, you have to work it out", Challenge Yourself and remember that If I could do it, then anyone else can.

Till My next post, stay Healthy, Fit, and Fashionable...



  1. Old habits die hard as they say, mine is drinking beer. I hate to have pot-belly but occasionally i still indulge

  2. Hahaha, join me in staying strong oh. Ditch the habit jare