Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hi everyone, 

I've been away from the blogosphere please pardon me. For those that sent me emails, I apologies for the delayed reply, but I assure you I have replied all the mails I received. 
On a different note,  I told you guys of my Mac RiriWoo lipstick in an old post (view it here), and I promised to wear the lipstick and take a pic for show and tell on my blog. Well I took it a step further, I decided to do a little vid of it on Instagram, for those of you following on Instagram, you've probably already seen this video. It's short I know, but I think it shows off the lipstick pretty well.  

          Click here to view the video

For those interested in buying the lipstick or any of the accessories seen in this vid, you can indicate your interest via email or leave a comment below these post. 

Thanks for viewing

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