Monday, May 5, 2014


Hi lovelies,

I have decided to do a meal plan giveaway. I have received a lot of emails concerning meal plans and workout plans, so I decided to do a free giveaway to reward 5 of my most consistent blog followers.

Keep reading to see how to enter this giveaway...

I will be taking statistics from January this year.
If you haven't been consistent, that's ok, you can simply FOLLOW my blog now, and keep up with comments, emails and all.

Email me at to indicate your interest in the giveaway (so I can watch out for you).

Be sure to write your name on each comment or email so I'll know who it's from.

Tweet about the giveaway on twitter with the hashtags #BubzilleGiveaway, #MealPlanFreebie, #BubzilleClassics.

To qualify, each person should have at least 20 blog comments, 30 tweets, 10 facebook status messages, 10 Instagram updates about the giveaway. THAT'S ALL, NO CASH INVOLVED.

Be sure to use the #Hashtags in every post.

On the last day of the Month of May you will get an email of the meal plan to your email box FOR FREE.

If more than 5 people have same number of comments, tweets etc, I'll pick the 5 with the most number then.

Share the news with everyone, and bring more people along. IT'S FREE!




    a-bru-bru-shaga! You should see this.

  2. Just sent you a mail oh, pls reply

  3. I need a meal plan badly, wouldn't mind paying.
    aka Bellapresh

    1. Hi dear, you can enter the giveaway and you'll get a mealplan FOR FREE at the end of the month. Simply follow the steps to enter. You can join me on Instagram too @Bubzille and I'll be sure to follow right back.