Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hi lovelies,
I know you're expecting the 1st week routines for the LOSE 5KG IN 5 WEEKS programme. It'll come out this night, so make sure you stay logged on.

I have started a hair journey, and I mentioned it in a series of previous posts, I have decided to treat my hair with more care, and see if it will yield any positive results. My hair has been manhandled by stylists especially in the area of applying relaxer to it. They not only apply relaxer to my new growth, but they also apply it to the old one as well and this has left me with really limp hair.

To cut a long story short, I have started a new hair regimen, using protective hairstyles, wigs and natural products to grow my hair. To read about my new hair resolutions
in detail, click here.

Well, today is a wash day for me, so I decided to do a DIY Pre-Poo (from the word pre-shampoo). I'll wear my prepoo treatment for 45mins to 1hr before I wash my hair.

Here's how I made it...

One heaped tablespoon of Shea Butter

One raw egg

One tablespoon of mayonnaise

STEP 1:     Boil water, and place the shea butter in an aluminium plate over the boiled water, to melt it. You may choose not to melt the shea butter completely.

STEP 2:     Break one raw egg into the melted shea butter

STEP 3:     Add one table spoon of mayonnaise into the mixture.

STEP 4:     Beat it with a fork (like you're beating egg to fry) or use an egg whisk to whisk the mixture till it forms a uniform paste.

...and your Pre poo mixture is ready.

1.    Detangle your hair with your hands or a wide toothed comb.

2.    Section your hair into 3 or 4 parts. ( I used 3).

3.    Apply the mixture each section of your hair from root to end, making sure to massage your scalp and hair well.

4.    Wrap the sections well, and cover your hair with a plastic or nylon bag/ shower cap, then tie a scarf or wrap with a tshirt over the shower cap/ nylon bag to get your hair warmed up.

5.    Wait for 45 mins to 1 hr, then wash off with warm water.

6.    Shampoo your hair a couple of times to make sure you get the prepoo treatment out thoroughly.

...and go on with your regular hair wash routine.

I put up a small vid of my application on Instagram, you can view it here

Till my next post, stay healthy, fit and fashionable.


  1. I'm on a hair re-growth journey myself. Whenever it grows out a bit, I get frustrated with how unruly it gets and proceed to 'trim' it shorter than expected. What's been working for me is massaging castor + peppermint oil a few times a week into my scalp. And multivitamins. It's a slow process- good luck!

    Style Tomes

  2. Castor oil, peppermint oil, and multivitamins.... Sounds like something I would like to try out. My only problem is I don't know where to get peppermint oil here. I'll definitely try to find it though