Thursday, May 29, 2014

LOSE 5KG (or more) IN 5WEEKS


We are getting close to the 1st of June, and it's going to be soooooo much fun.
Before I go on ranting, I will explain the LOSE 5KG IN 5WEEKS programme, for those who are just hearing about it.  To see how to join in, please keep reading...

This programme is organized for anyone who needs a jump-start in their weightloss journey. I personally gained some weight due to a sedentary lifestyle and junk food, so I needed some motivation, and so I came up with this program. For those who don't know my story, or who are just visiting my blog for the first time, I lost 52kg of my body fat and I did it the healthy way. So I think I can say I know how to drop some kilograms of fat.

I will be uploading workout routines and meal plans every Saturday night. The plans will run for a week each, making a total of 5 plans for 5 weeks. Some people may lose more weight than others especially those who weigh more than 75kg, or those who haven't been working out at all. For people like me who are already used to rigorous workout routines, we will lose about 1kg or more (I hope) a week.

The workout routines may not always be done at once, but can be broken down to different times a day.

The weekly food routines will be basically similar every week - The first 3 days of every week would be like a detox, the next 3 days will be carbs, proteins and veggies but in controlled percentages, and the last day of the week will be more of liquids (although it will contain different classes of food).


A digital scale
A taperule
Running shoes
A pair of stockings
A digital wristwatch
Comfy running shorts, trousers, or joggers
A comfy cotton T-shirt or any other top
Workman, iPod, music player or a phone that plays music
A skipping rope

Please spread the news, and tweet, facebook or Instagram the picture (the first pic on this post)

Look out for more posts on the LOSE 5KG IN 5WEEKS programme, as I'll be uploading more and more things to prepare you.

Till my next post, stay Healthy, Fit and Fashionable.



  1. Hi,
    ℓ̊'ll be joining in the 5 weeks challenge also but ℓ̊ have a problem of having updates and links form blogs...Are you on BBM so ℓ̊ can add you and be getting links to U̶̲̥̅̊r blog posts when you update?...thanks so much

    1. Hi MiniSam, you can simply Follow this blog by clicking beneath the follow this blog column on the right side of the blog and you'll get updates to each post, or follow on Twitter @_bubbly_hips_ or on Instagram @Bubzille or on the facebook page which is BUBZILLE CLASSICS. Updates will be put up on all these networks. Welcome aboard, let's lose the kilograms

  2. I don't get updates on latest posts from ur blog.i have tried to folo it's nt working.dunno wat to do was said earlier,do u have a bb?at least dat shd work.thanks for considering us dt want u on bbm n wanna loose d weight too.

    1. Hi Mum Michy, so sorry bout the follow thing. I am not consistent on BBM oh, I used to have an account before my BB went bad. Pls try Instagram, I update frequently on IG and even put some stuff that never make it to the blog. As soon as I download bbm on my iPad I would let you know and I'll give you my pin. Pls bear with me. Pls keep trying the follow button too. Thanks for viewing my blog.